Strategic Partner with a Proven Growth Model

We Grow your Business with a Strategic Partner Model.
See the Tech, Local Service Business and Real Estate Assets we work with.

Partners We Work With

Categories of Partners we work with and Model Examples

Tech Businesses

We Partner with Tech Businesses in these categories to grow them with our Partner Portfolio.

  • Energy Tech

  • Water Tech

  • Sustainability Tech

  • Smart Buildings Tech

  • PropTech

  • InsurTech

  • Ecommerce

  • RE Data Tech

Local Services

We Partner with Local Service Contractors and RE brokers generating install jobs and leads.

  • HVAC Controls, Installers

  • Mechanical Plumbers

  • Water Leak Detection

  • Water Sealing, Restoration

  • Roofing

  • Energy Insulation

  • Remodel Contractors, GC

  • RE Brokers, Mortgage Brokers

Real Estate Assets

We Partner with Real Estate Groups managing a Portfolio of Commercial Assets.

  • Multifamily Owners, GP's

  • Multifamily Property Managers

  • CRE Building Owners

  • Commercial Developers

  • Student Housing Owners

  • Hotel Owners, Managers

  • School Facilities

NOI Projects

Maximize your Real Estate Profits with our Models.
See Top Projects and the Vendors Multifamily and Commercial Property Owners use to increase NOI, Asset Value and lower OPEX costs.

PRE Property Service Model

Quotes + Marketing System for Local Home and Commercial Property Service Contractors, Remodel GC, Real Estate Brokers and Mortgage Brokers. We Generate Qualified Service Quotes and Leads for you.

What We Do

Channel Partner

For Startup Tech Founders, We can Accelerate your Revenue Growth with Go to Market Pilot Projects and Channel Sales.

  • Channel Sales Partner

  • Pilot Projects

  • Investor

Financing Partner

For Real Estate Property Owners, Managers and Tech Startups, we create a financing model for RE Projects and Business Assets.

  • Project Financing Model

  • Financing Hardware

  • Business Financing

Service Partner

For Multifamily and Commerical Real Estate Owners, Managers. Local Home and Commercial Service Contractors.

  • Project Management

  • Service Quotes

  • Marketing System Service

Kevin Kirchner | Founder, Strategic Managing Partner

I am a Strategic Partner with Tech Businesses, Local Service Contractor Businesses and Real Estate Portfolio Assets. I create Models to grow these businesses and investment assets. If you are looking for a strategic partner to help you grow in these categories, email me below to discuss partnership opportunities.

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