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Who We Work With

Are you a Startup Founder, Real Estate Property Owner, Property Manager, Corporate Business or Small Business owner that is looking for a Strategic Partner to Grow your Revenue with innovation?

We work with 3 Types of Partners in these specific categories below...
Click on Your Category to Connect on How we can help Grow Your Revenue!

  • B2B SaaS
  • SMB Mgmt. SaaS
  • Fintech
  • Proptech, RE Tech
  • Energy Tech
  • E-Commerce
  • Micro Fulfillment
  • Marketplace Platform
  • Productized Services
  • Home Services
  • MultiFamily Properties
  • Commercial Property
  • Warehouses
  • Farmers, Growers
  • School Buildings
  • Sports Facilities
  • Multi Unit QSR
  • Multi Unit Locations
  • RE Developers
  • Home Builders
  • Angel Investors
  • VC Investors
  • Crowdfund Investors
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Food/Bev Companies
  • Contractor Suppliers
  • Franchisee Groups
  • Restaurant Groups
  • Real Estate Groups

What We Do / Our Partnership Services

We provide top resources to grow your business including channel sales distribution, funding, financing and recommended resources content marketing to reach your target business market.

Channel Sales Growth Partner

For Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs to Grow Revenue with Startup Accelerator, Go to Market Pilot Projects and Channel Sales.

  • Go To Market Pilot
  • Channel Sales
  • Distributor

Funding and Financing Partner

For Real Estate Property Managers/Owners, Startup Founder Entrepreneurs to Fund and Finance their Growth from Investors.

  • Investor Funding
  • Growth Financing
  • Finance Upgrades

Recommended ROI Solutions Partner

For Corporate Business, Real Estate Property Managers and Owners. Recommended List for Business Owners by Industry Categories.

  • Pilot Project Demo
  • Resources List
  • Use Case Stories

 Next Steps on How We Can Partner

You will be notified of new use case stories, recommended resources and startup innovations to pilot or invest into.  We will share partnership opportunities with you.

Tell us what business industry and categories you are interested in receiving content on. Open our Email newsletter with access to our content and partnership opportunities. 

Connect when you are ready to use our Strategic Partnership Services. You can schedule a time here to talk more about your Startup, Property or Business and how we can Grow your Revenue. 

Coming Soon our Featured Stories

We will post our proven use case stories with companies and our recommended resources list page for businesses in your industry. 

About Us

Entrepreneur Model is about Strategic Growth Partnerships. We research and curate innovation technologies that increases revenue and saves operating expenses for specific industry Business owners.  

We connect Startup Entrepreneurs with innovative ROI solutions for Property Managers/Owners, B2B SaaS, E-Commerce and Business Investors. Our portfolio includes partnerships in Energy Tech, Fintech, B2B management software, fulfillment, hospitality and marketplaces. 

We share our research and lists of recommended resources to help grow business revenue as a Strategic Partner.  We also help connect you to investor funding and financing. 

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